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Method for solving the decline of wood chip machine output

With the long-term use of the wood pellet machine, the output will gradually decline and fall short of the required range. The reason for the decline in production is multi-faceted. It may be caused by improper use of the wood pellet machine when the user uses a certain part of the pellet machine, or it is not properly installed when the machine is installed, and does not meet the standard requirements. The decline in production is a headache, affecting the development of the company. To increase production, we can take the following measures:

First, the inclination angle of the wood pellet machine can be adjusted. The proper inclination angle is beneficial to reduce the thickness of the material and realize the screening of the thin layer. It is well known that if the feed amount is too large, the material will be seriously accumulated, which not only causes the efficiency of the screening to decrease, It is also possible to damage the screen, which is very disadvantageous.

Second, increase the size of the motor power: motor power is the main source of power for screening, is the main force to complete the screening work, appropriate increase in the size of the motor power, can increase the output of the wood chip machine.

Third, the other is to adjust the data on the screen. The length of the screen determines the screening efficiency. The width of the screen determines the output of the wood pellet machine. The way of feeding can be adjusted so that the material must be fed along the full screen width; Increasing the opening ratio of the wood pellet machine screen, the larger the opening ratio, the more material per hour through the screen; reducing the batter porosity of the screen, if the mesh of the screen is blocked, it will be reduced The amount of material that passes through the screen reduces the yield, and keeping the screen open and unobstructed is also a good way to increase production.


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