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The first Sustainable Energy Forum for All held in the United Nations

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki attended the "Sustainable Energy for All" forum, Special Representative Yumkella and more than 1,000 representatives from governments, business and industry, international organizations and civil society attended the forum. Opening on the 4th, lasting 3 days. They will review and evaluate the commitments and actions taken by countries to achieve the goals of “sustainable energy for all”, demonstrate successful examples and innovative initiatives to mobilize further action and develop for decades to come. The direction of the global energy policy.

On the opening day, the Forum released the Energy Outlook Report for the Poor and the 2014 Global Renewable Energy Status Report. The Global Leaders' Dialogue on Sustainable Energy for All will be held on the 5th and a high-level ministerial meeting will be held on the last day. Dialogue discussions on the four major issues of energy financing, energy access, energy efficiency and sustainable energy. In addition, the forum will officially launch the “UN Decade of Sustainable Energy for All” and prepare for the 2014 climate summit held at the UN headquarters in New York this September.

The 2014 Global Renewable Energy Status Report released on the same day pointed out that in the past 8 years, the number of emerging economies supporting renewable energy development policies has soared more than sixfold, from 15 developing countries in 2005 to early this year. 95 countries. The global installed capacity of renewable energy has risen to a record level, accounting for more than 56% of the global net increase in power generation capacity, almost one-fifth of the world's energy consumption. The report also said that China, the United States, Brazil, Canada and Germany still occupy the forefront of the total installed capacity of renewable energy, and China's new renewable energy capacity exceeds fossil fuels and nuclear energy for the first time.


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