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Feed industry needs to increase investment in science and technology to improve the competitiveness of feed machinery

China's feed industry is an emerging industry. With the development and improvement of the technical level of animal nutrition, feed science and feed industry, the feed industry has been continuously developed and played an increasingly important role in the national economy. However, in general, China's feed industry is still in the development stage, and there are widespread problems such as fragmentation, industrial barriers, low-level redundant construction and waste of resources. It is difficult to adapt to large-scale, intensive, modern aquaculture and agricultural industries. The need for development, the need to increase investment in science and technology, and give the amount of competitiveness of feed machinery.

For a long time, China's feed industry technology has made slow progress, mainly in the following aspects:

First, the technical equipment of the feed industry is backward, and technological transformation of enterprises is difficult. Generally speaking, with the development of the situation, the problems of outdated equipment and aging technology in China's feed industry have become more and more serious, which has become the main reason for the low economic efficiency, energy consumption and material consumption of the feed industry, which has seriously hindered the feed industry. Technological progress, while the investment in technological transformation of feed enterprises is very low. Since the implementation of the loan policy in 1994, due to the lack of loans to the feed industry, the difference between the loan quota and the technical transformation funds required by the feed industry is relatively large, and the loan interest is also high, generally between 7.8% and 12%, which is a small profit (1 The feed industry of % to 3% is unbearable. Therefore, the loan is not only difficult to meet the needs of technological transformation of enterprises, but also “repaying loans” has become a heavy burden for enterprises.

Second, the feed industry has low investment in science and technology. For a long time, the state has invested less in the feed industry, and the cost of research and development accounts for less than 1% of the total output value of the feed industry. The investment since the 1980s only accounts for about 2% of the total output value of the feed industry. Many major basic scientific research projects in the feed industry cannot be carried out, and the scientific and technological reserves are very weak, which has affected the potential of the future feed industry to participate in international competition. This is not only comparable to developed countries, but also lower than many developing countries.

Third, the feed industry research and production are out of touch. Starting from the "Sixth Five-Year Plan", the country has set up a scientific and technological research project for the main battlefield of the economy in the field of feed industry. However, due to the lack of an effective mechanism for transforming the scientific research results of the feed industry into actual productivity, research and production are out of touch. China's feed industry has achieved nearly 500 scientific and technological achievements each year, many of which have international standards, but the conversion rate is very low, less than 10%. The transformation of scientific and technological achievements has become the "bottleneck" in the development of science and technology in China's feed industry. The main problem is insufficient maturity of results, lack of piloting ability and transformation mechanism.

Fourth, low-level repeated introduction of technology. First, due to the lack of macro-planning guidance and coordination mechanisms in the country, coupled with the division of departments and regions, low-level repeated introduction of technology. The second is to focus on the introduction of hardware equipment, ignoring the digestion and absorption of imported technologies and equipment, technological transformation and even innovation.

In 2012, China surpassed the United States and became the world's largest feed producer. The annual feed production is close to 200 million tons. At present, there are as many as 10,000 feed production enterprises in China, but the industry concentration is constantly improving. Large feed enterprises rely on the advantages of formula technology and industrial chain to gradually phase out small feed enterprises with weak R&D strength and single product structure. According to industry experts, this means that the feed industry has a huge demand for high-end intelligent feed processing equipment.

From the perspective of countries with a good proportion of foreign feed machinery industry, many well-known feed machinery manufacturers have their own research institutions or cooperate with relevant scientific research institutions. Most advanced and cutting-edge technologies are in the hands of enterprises. They have a strong development momentum and a competitive amount. Therefore, in order to participate in international competition, China's feed machinery manufacturers must increase investment in scientific research and carry out cutting-edge basic research. In addition to the self-built research institutes, the methods that can be adopted are very necessary and necessary for cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and other relevant scientific research departments. Through this wide-ranging cooperation, we will bring out advanced products and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market.


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