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Increase investment in scientific research institutions: give the amount of competitiveness of feed machinery

Heilongjiang Province makes full use of national agricultural machinery subsidies and establishes large-scale farmers' professional cooperative policies, upgrades backward production machinery and equipment, accelerates the supply of large and medium-sized forage feed machinery, strives to improve professional production capacity, builds specialized and strong livestock and farm machinery cooperatives, and consolidates the forage feed industry. basis.

Increase investment in scientific research institutions: give the amount of competitiveness of feed machinery

In order to change the low productivity of the forage feed machinery in the province and the serious waste of resources, resulting in the poor quality of forage feed products, in 2013, Heilongjiang Province started to upgrade the existing forage feed machinery and equipment, and implemented policy subsidies for the renewal of equipment. Subsidized to purchase 1068 sets of forage feed machinery.

In order to improve the forage feed production capacity, Heilongjiang Province has established a specialized cooperative forage feed cooperatives. At present, 18 provinces have established animal husbandry and agricultural cooperatives. These cooperatives provided demonstrations for the specialized production of forage feed in Heilongjiang Province, with an operating area of ??500,000 mu, and the quality of the weed bales and silage produced reached international standards. After the construction of 11 straw animal husbandry demonstration counties and 2 pasture seed production bases, it has expanded the feed source for the development of animal husbandry in Heilongjiang Province, and also reduced the pressure on the grassland resources for the rapid development of animal husbandry.

China's first feed machinery production base will be settled in Yangzhou

A few days ago, a move by the Shepherd Group caused a lot of shock in the feed industry - the shepherd will build a world-class feed machinery research and production base. The base covers an area of ??nearly 500 acres, with a total investment of over 1 billion yuan. After completion, it will mainly produce high-end intelligent feed processing equipment. It is understood that the base was officially started in February 2013 and is expected to be put into use at the end of the year. It is currently under construction.

Fan Tianming, president of the shepherd group, said that after two to three years, the production workshop of the shepherd will be systematically managed, and the production will be faster and more intuitive. The Shepherd Science and Technology Park will be built into the world's most advanced R&D test base and feed machinery production base. In the near future, a world-class feed machinery base will be born in Yangzhou, injecting new vitality into the development of the world feed industry. As the secretariat unit of the National Feed Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, the Shepherd Group is leading the Chinese feed industry to the world by relying on technological innovation and talent advantages. After the completion of the new base, technological innovation will be perfect, produce higher quality products, and promote China's agricultural and animal products processing industry to rank among the international advanced.

After the three stages of germination, start-up and rapid development of China's feed industry, the degree of automation of feed processing machinery has been improved. Some of the products of larger feed machinery manufacturers have also achieved high control. s level. But there is still a long way to go in the future with a high degree of automation or fully automated and intelligent development!

Enterprises need to increase investment and expand basic research

From the perspective of countries with a good proportion of foreign feed machinery industry, many well-known feed machinery manufacturers have their own research institutions or cooperate with relevant scientific research institutions. Most advanced and cutting-edge technologies are in the hands of enterprises. They have a strong development momentum and a competitive amount. Therefore, in order to participate in international competition, China's feed machinery manufacturers must increase investment in scientific research and carry out cutting-edge basic research. In addition to the self-built research institutes, the methods that can be adopted are very necessary and necessary for cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and other relevant scientific research departments. Through this wide-ranging cooperation, we will bring out advanced products and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market.


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